Hey Friends!!!

I've been obsessed with false nails for as long as I can remember. Whether using paper clips, marker caps, or even tape, I always the enjoyed the look of long nails. I tried acrylic, dip powder, dual forms, polygel, and of course press ons!!

Huge shoutout to my sisters and cousin for letting me practice on them as well, which led to me gaining a few customers I had the privilege to make press on nails for. 

Fast forward to about March of 2023 where I took my nail making seriously and learned how to start an online business. 

Here we are, in September of 2023, hand painting nails of all shapes and sizes just for you!!! 

Whether you're a simple person, enjoy being in the spotlight, want to gift a set, or even buy a few to add to your very own business, I hope you find your, As Perfect As Possible, nail set(s) with us!!!